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2.4.4. "Kanji Kentei"

The Kanji Kentei, or the Kanji Aptitude Test is a kanji exam which was originally designed for Japanese people. There are 11 levels to this test. Levels 1 (which is the most difficult and requires a knowledge of about 6000 kanji) to 7 are approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, and levels 8 to 10 are recognized by the Japan Kanji Education Promotion Association.

In perspective, the kanji in JLPT Level 1 is only a mere level 5-6 by Kanji Kentei standards.

The high standard of the exam is acknowledged by the fact that entrance points and credits to Japanese universities are obtainable with a pass at one of the higher levels. Many employers also look favorably upon those who have passed the test. Several large companies often encourage their employees to take the exam by running it in their offices. Needless to say, many high schools in Japan also insist that all of their students take the exam.

Please click here to access the Kanji Kentei official website (in Japanese only)

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